Monday, December 13, 2010


Just like many of you, I've been caught in the hustle and bustle of the joyous Christmas season. I feel like I've been busy forever. Running from place to place with a mental list of hundreds of things to cross off...although a handful of the lists have made it to my BlackBerry to help reduce some of my insanity.

I can't really pinpoint when the madness started, but it was sometime before Thanksgiving. It all blurs together since I spent the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving focused on giving our 3-year-old the best bouncy/fireman birthday party I could manage. Do I seriously have to throw another birthday party in February?! Anyway, despite the craziness, I feel like we've managed to get some major fun and major family time squeezed in these busy schedules, which is what has helped me maintain my sanity.

You see I don't just love my husband, I also love spending time with him. And this time of year is no different. Unlike a lot of men, he doesn't loathe shopping, in fact he kind of enjoys it...and doesn't even mind doing it with two kids in tow. He's been helping get that gift list crossed off and for that I'm so grateful. After one of our mega shopping trips, we put the kids in bed and he wrapped almost all the gifts while I found boxes, tissues, bows and gift tags.

Since I got so behind on my blogging, I feel like there are a few pics I wanted to share with you.

Jack riding with cousin Jessi at Grandaddy & Mimi's house on Thanksgiving

Daddy & his boys after finding the perfect Christmas tree.

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