Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Christmas Again!

I failed to mention in my snow day post that when Jack peered outside Monday morning that he yelled, "It's Christmas again!" What a funny idea to have that snow and Christmas go together...not usually in the South, sweet boy.

By the way, we are on day three of our great snow-in. We've got plenty to eat. We've been able to cook and re-heat...just hoping we won't lose power when all this snow and ice starts to melt. Josh ventured back to the office today. Not sure how many patients he'll actually see, but maybe it's a sign things will be back to normal soon. We're trying to enjoy our unexpected family days at home. We've played lots of Memory, CandyLand, watched a few movies (Toy Story, Despicable Me & Veggie Tales), made a snow man, created snow angels, thrown lots of snow, baked cookies.

I'm a little eager to just get out and drive around a bit, but I won't wish these rare days away. Hope you are enjoying some rare family time too!


Lindsey Brackett said...

I definitely am! Love that sweet Jack. Maybe he'll get many a white Christmas in his lifetime. I'm glad you've had some family time. SAHM may not get sick days, but you do get snow days!

thehollandfamily said...

love his comment. It is amazing that the adults still get all giddy when it snows because we are not used to it. My girls think it is just natural that is snows. Glad you enjoyed your snowed in days! It looks like we may have more of those to come.