Sunday, April 3, 2011

What A Catch

After seeing them at Wal-Mart recently, Jack started asked for a fishing pole. We told him that you have to be a big boy to get a fishing pole and he had to give up having a paci in his bed at night. After a few nights of almost agreeing, but then deciding, "I'm not bigger yet," he finally did it. So, the next day he got a fishing pole. He picked out Spider-man. He marched around the house with it for days, while I reminded him not to put it in Sam's face and to watch where he was swinging that thing.

Thankfully just a few days later on Saturday afternoon the weather and our schedules cooperated and we headed out to try out that Spider-man rod. Josh did most of the casting, and Jack was the official "reeler." I didn't have any hopes of catching anything and was already prepared to have to explain to Jack that you don't always catch something. I was sure this would be our last trip to the pond for a while. Well, on their third cast, Jack reeled in his first catch. He was surprised and excited.

Two casts later, he landed an even bigger fish. He even touched them, but seemed the most excited about watching them swim away. We didn't get too many more bites, which thoroughly confused Jack who was obviously thinking this fishing stuff is easy! Overall, it was a great success, and we're already looking forward to a return trip.


Salena said...

I love this picture of Jack and Josh! Looks like you all made a fun memory together!

Kim said...

Loved hearing the story first hand this morning. Too cute! And I love the picture of the guys with their fish.... looks worthy of framing!