Monday, May 9, 2011

Emmy Time

As I've mentioned in my recent Thankful Thursday posts, my precious sister has been on American soil for the last 2 weeks. We've been trying to take advantage of this unexpected time as best as we can. So, last Wednesday she graciously agreed to watch Sam while I took Jack to an appointment in Athens. Afterwards, we kidnapped her to our house for a few days. We LOVED having her with us for a few days!

Fun with Woody & Aunt Emmy!
Even though we didn't do anything particularly "out of the ordinary" while Aunt Emmy was here, it was a sheer pleasure to have her here! The boys loved every moment; Jack asked about Emmy first thing when he woke up Thursday and Friday! He was quite disappointed when the fun ended Friday afternoon. And for me it was absolutely lovely to have a sidekick that I've missed so dearly!

Batter up! Showing Aunt Emmy his skills.
My sister is here for a few more weeks, which is great. We are hoping to have her come back for a few more days before her hubby arrives Memorial Day weekend, and maybe again after!


black tag diaries said...

so glad you are getting to enjoy your sister these few weeks... and it sounds like the boys love them some aunt emmy!

April said...

i'm sure your boys love their "emmy" as much as eli loves his. i'm even beginning to think eli would rather live with his "emmy" than with me!