Friday, May 13, 2011

The Good Old Days...

While waiting at a local establishment this week, I was thumbing through a somewhat depressing selection of magazines*. One of which was called Reminisce, the magazine that brings back the good times. From what I can gather it is filled almost entirely with reader submissions. Mainly old photos and stories from the "good ole days." Since this was a holiday edition, there was a section of nostalgic Christmas-themed advertisements. One in particular from 1928 caught my eye. I couldn't help but share.

Okay, so in case you can't tell. There are three very lucky children playing billards in their pajamas by the Christmas tree, while mom & pop (dressed as Santa) watch from the nearby staircase. The photo is cute and all, but the entertainment came in the form of the sales pitch:

The Brunswick Junior Playmate Pocket Billard Table is the best juvenile Christmas investment you can make. Children and grown-ups alike, all love games. In Billards you have one that affords healthful recreation...mental and muscular coordination...endless, tireless amusement...all-year, all-weather play.

It gives parents added control over the children by making hte home more attractive...thus keeping them within the family circle during their most formative and impressionable years. Every member of the family will enjoy the game...and Billards is easy to learn.

The Junior Playmate is strong...sturdily constructed...of quality materials. Children won't drop it in a week like a cheap toy but will play on it for years...and only $7.50 complete with all playing equipment.

"The best juvenile Christmas investment?" Good to know.
"Healthful recreation?" Sign me up!
"Mental and muscular coordination?" Sounds like a win-win.
"Added control over the children?" I must remember this...

According to this site, this same product might cost around $94.56 these days. Not as big a bargain, but for the ability to make my home more attractive during my children's "most formative and impressionable years." Sounds like "the best juvenile Christmas investment" to me! Hope you got a kick out of this too!

*When I shared this photo and story with Josh, he told me that his office waiting area has the very same magazine. I must remember to drop off my old issues of Entertainment Weekly and BHG.


April said...

i love it! i think my parents opted for a ping-pong table and an old school nintendo to keep us at home during those "most formative and impressionable years".

Lindsey Brackett said...

Definitely invest, Laura. We'll keep them all at your house during those formative years. I'll bring the snacks and we'll sit on the basement stairs and spy.