Monday, May 2, 2011

Please Pass the Potatoes

If you are a stranger to this blog, then you may not know that our little Sam likes to eat. Also, if you are a stranger to this blog, then who are you and what are you doing here? Seriously, the only people that read this are people that already know me and most see me with some regularity. Even though I follow many blogs of folks that don't know me, I'm pretty sure I have no similar followers! Anyway, I'm afraid our little Sam is already showing the signs of becoming an emotional eater.

Yes, it's true. My 14-month-old eats to feel better. On Saturday, big brother was graciously sharing his after-dinner Rice Krispy Treat from Zaxby's. All was well, until it was gone. Sam cried. a. lot. Before I knew it, Jack had shoved a half of a french fry in Sam's mouth, and silenced him. Scary, huh?

What about this morning? He sobbed when he realized he'd polished off his bowl of oatmeal. I'm. talking. tears. people. So, more cheerios, pancakes and part of a granola bar were quickly added to the breakfast menu.

I forgot to pick up peanut butter crackers when I was at the grocery store today. You know the little circle crackers with peanut butter-like spread in the middle. The boys love them. They are a great way to stall until dinner's ready if I need Sam to sit in his high chair. They are perfect for preschool lunch. Well, I thought I'd just improvise. I have Ritz crackers, and I have peanut butter. What's the difference, right?

You tell me...


black tag diaries said...

ha!!! hilarious!!

April said...

sam must be hitting a growth spurt!

stop growing sam, you make eli look like a shrimp!

Salena said...

I can totally relate! Chandler is usually an easy-going baby, but he means business when it's time to eat!