Thursday, November 17, 2011

Singing Indians

Jack and his fellow preschool classmates gave a highly entertaining performance this week. Apparently, the first try did not live up to Jack's expectations. I'm guessing he wanted to see more effort from his classmates?

Gobble, Gobble by the Busy Bees (take 1) from Laura Garrett on Vimeo.

The second effort was much better, don't you agree:

And, just in case you thought you might want to be a turkey, the Busy Bees remind you of the dangers of being a turkey on Thanksgiving Day:


April said...

great job jack! i'm glad i'm not a turkey either! it looks like jack might have a crush in K.R. though...he sure had his eyes locked on her in one of those videos. :)

black tag diaries said...

so cute! jack and hudson had me laughing in that first one!