Monday, November 14, 2011

We interrupt...

this blog for a cold, cough, sinus, congestion, etc. that just won't go away. Yes, my boys love me so much that they share everything with me including their yucky germs. The glamor began when we were at Amelia Island, as Josh was concluding his first week of the often called "crud." I was much better at convincing myself I wasn't sick when we at the beach. Once we were back, there was no denying that Mama was indeed sick.Over the course of the last two weeks, I can count a half dozen times when I felt like I was about to turn the corner. Then, the sinuses came and got involved on Friday.

So, although the show has gone on around here as usual, I've not really been capturing many photographs. Not to mention that I managed to misplace my camera's memory card. So, hopefully we'll be back on track here soon!!

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seeking.senkels said...

Not fun being a sick mama. Hope you get well soon. Bill and I had colds a few weeks ago. I'll pray that you turn that corner quickly.