Friday, November 4, 2011

First Friday Flashback

It's our second installment of first Friday flashback. If you've read any of my blog this week, you probably know where we were last week...enjoying some time away on Amelia Island. Specifically at the Halloween carnival on the resort, where Sam enjoyed his try at pumpkin bowling.

A month ago, these silly boys of mine were sharing pancakes and showing off their cowboy style.

Just three months ago, Jack was trying an American tradition for the first time by giving his oreos a milk dunking before each bite. We were enjoying a morning at Imagine It in Atlanta. We also spent a day with family at the lake, where Jack showed his fearless and adventurous side on the inner tube.

Hard to believe it's been six months since Jack gave me the scare of a lifetime. That memory is as vivid and clear as if it happened yesterday. That same month I was laughing at the hilarity of an old advertisement I stumbled upon. We were teaching Jack that he did indeed have a father.

And since I've been stuck in a beach state of mind, let's reminisce about our trip to the island from a year ago. We were also marveling at Sam's latest development...crawling!

It's been two whole years since this adorable little Indian first appeared. That same guy cracked us up showing off his vocal skills in this funny video. We also had just returned from a quick trip down to Jacksonville without any little ones.

Three years ago, a different video had us giggling as Jack showed off some early rhythm. We burned extra energy marching around the gorge with a one-year-old. We were saying goodbye to a beloved grandfather, who Jack was just getting to know.

My poor memory isn't as good as it once was, but four years ago Josh & I were just weeks away from welcoming Jack into our family. I had yet to make the leap into blogging, but that month we said goodbye to a beloved grandmother, just weeks before she was to become a great-grandmother. Here's a look back at a piece my dad wrote about his mother, in case you need a good cry.

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