Monday, November 7, 2011

What time is it?

So, we gained an extra hour this weekend. I was really excited when I went to bed Saturday night knowing it wasn't really as late as the clock said it was. Even the kids did okay, sleeping until the new 7:15. I guess it helped that we kept them up until halftime of the Bama/LSU game. Somehow Sam even managed to stay awake on the way home from church Sunday morning. We survived that first day.

Today has been a bit of a different story. While Sam kept with his 7:15 waking, Jack was up at 6:40, which is not sooo bad except everyone was falling apart much earlier today than normal. So, naptime came a little earlier today. Then, after 3 hours passed without a peep, I began to worry I'd never get them to sleep tonight. Reluctantly I woke them both up at 4:30. So, although the clock says it's 9:45...I feel like it's 11. Usually, it's the little ones that have the worst time with the time change, but I think it's hit me the hardest. I'm not used to being so zonked at 9:30!

I know my body will eventually get used to it, but I may just buck my weekly tradition of staying up ridiculously late to get caught up and call it a night or at least try to free up some space on the dvr, wouldn't want to get too crazy now!

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black tag diaries said...

i keep thinking i will go to bed earlier... you know, since it gets dark at like 5:30... but nope. hope the schedule starts to work itself out and that your 6:40 mornings are few and far between:)