Tuesday, December 20, 2011

22 & a Talker

Dear Sam,
You just hit the 22-month mark last week and are quite the conversationalist these days. I don't want to forget all these wonderfully cute and incredibly hilarious things you come up with. So, I'll do my best to record them here. We really never know what will come out of your mouth.

You were right alongside me the morning I put the Christmas trees up, but you & brother were both napping when I finally managed to get ornaments put on the following day. You had already impressed me the day before by repeating after me, "Kissmas Tree!" On the way down the stairs after nap, you said excitedly, "Kissmas tree!" When I took you in for a closer look, you turned to me and said, "I wove it!" I was so tickled, that you just kept saying it over and over again. Now, it's part of your bit. If you want to make me or your daddy laugh you just say, "Kissmas tree. I wove it!"

Your other favorite phrases:
"Bubba. Stop!"
"Daddy truck!"
"Choo choo outside," which today developed into "Choo choo outside. Scare. Wowd!" I heard a train approaching when we were in downtown Cornelia this afternoon, I hurried to get down to one of the stop signs by the track. You love trains, so I rolled down the window. Well, a horn sounds a lot more appealing from 3/4 of a mile away. From 50 feet away, it is apparently terrifying! You burst into tears. So, now it's "Choo choo outside. Scare. Wowd!"

You love to brush your teeth and prefer your big brother's toothpaste. "Bubba toothpaste, peas!" Your favorite bedtime stories are your VBS photo album, which you affectionately call your "Addy Book" (for all the pics of Ali Harris), and your "Monkey book." Your dad and I were impressed by how quickly you've learned to recognize the numbers on each page. You also like to do the silly voice of the doctor on the phone with the monkey mama, it sounds like this "No mwuh wah dah wah bah yah BED!"

Last week, we were just hanging around and someone said something about Sunday. You immediately said, "Muhday...Tueday...Whenday...Thurday!"

You're still a couple months shy of two years, and I can't remember your brother knowing anything about a single cartoon character at this age. You on the other hand are a huge fan of "Coos Coos" a.k.a. Blue's Clues and Cars. You love "Queen" and "Mater!" When it's time for bed you know we have to put "Queen Baket!" (in the basket.) I started keeping the basket on the gated staircase so you can only reach in and grab a few at a time because you and Jack kept dumping the whole basket out. Lately, you've managed to talk brother into letting you on the stairs, but you usually just line up your cars until the step is completely full.

You know that Santa says "Ho ho ho!" and your two favorite songs are "Jesus Loves Me" and "We will rock you." You sing them both with great enthusiasm. Sometimes in the car you will just start yelling, "Jesus Song!"

You will try just about anything food wise and like most of what you try, with the exception of pastas. You love to eat "cacakes" on the "choo choo plate!" (Pancakes on the Thomas the tank engine plate.) You also love bacon morning, noon or night...you don't care. You call it "bay bay," which I hope stays around for a while.

Your big brother is really starting to enjoy your company. You don't always enjoy his. Jack loves to play with you, but sometimes you'd just rather play with your cars alone. Try to be patient with him. He's still figuring this big brother thing out. Jack likes teaching you new tricks, which mommy and daddy don't always approve of. He doesn't mind sharing his popcorn, ice cream cone and other snacks with you. Sharing his chocolate milk is a different story...

Thanks for treating everyone around you to so much fun. We love your sweet smile and silly phrases. I really love the "hungs" you've started giving. You can squeeze my neck anytime!



Lindsey Brackett said...

Such sweet memories of Sam. I'm loving this age and can't remember either of my girls being as expressive as Millie is. and I was really impressed with Sam's conversation the other night. I might be biased, but I think we're raising some geniuses here.

Salena said...

I love how you have written this directly to Sam.