Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simple Pleasures are Sweet Treats & Bright Lights

Since Josh is off on Tuesday afternoons, he usually wants to schedule in some fun with the family (despite his sleep deprived state.) This week as evening was drawing near and we were still hanging around the house, Josh tossed out an idea and we ran with it! We scarfed down some leftovers and jumped in the car on a Christmas light hunt.

We knew nearby Helen would be decked out and hoped we could find a sweet treat as well. So, we ventured to the Alpine Village and each picked out a delight from Hansel & Gretel's. It was a mild night, so we just enjoyed walking around and taking in the lights. Such a simple pleasure, but it was such a fun night.


Lindsey Brackett said...

Helen's lights are gorgeous...thanks for reminding me I need to get up there!

Salena said...

These are the moments that count!