Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Whole Lot of Christmas (part 3)

Christmas morning arrived bright and early for Spiderman-clad Jack. I feel like my parents must have a dozen photos of me looking exactly like this on Christmas morning. Sam was still snoozing, so we got to experience the excitement of Santa's bounty twice. Jack was excited to see Santa had brought the big boy bike he requested, but was even more excited about the treasures his stocking held. The airplane set Santa left was also a hit. Jack also loved his helicopter, ice cream cone set and Batman Cave, his gifts from Mommy & Daddy.

Soon Sam was up and ready to see if he'd made the nice list. He loved the Weebles Treehouse and McQueen tent and tunnel from Santa. Sam was totally disinterested in opening any gifts, but did love the Ring Pop he found in his stocking. He kept saying, "candy paci." Later Mema & Pop (my parents) came up to see what Santa had delivered. It was a fun day full of sweet memories of two excited boys.

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