Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Eve

It's one of those that's gotten out of know what I mean. My child's birthday. It started when I found personalized stationery and gift labels (which I transformed into favor bag labels) dirt cheap after Christmas. The construction theme was born for Sam's 2nd birthday celebration. I mentioned the idea to a friend who had done the same theme for her son's birthday a few months prior. She mentioned she had found this incredible cake after the fact, and she and her mom convinced me I could pull it off. I was not so sure, but I thought it would look incredibly cool at my party Sam's birthday party.

So, for the past couple of weeks I've been consumed with what I always tell myself is going to be a no-big-deal, low-key gathering. I planned out my baking, mixing, building, etc. for the week. Yesterday was spent baking layers and building dirt cups, which were shared with Sam's sweet friends at preschool today.

It's not really too much work, but I do seem to sort of let everything else slide (hence the reason Josh didn't have any clean undershirts last Monday morning) when I'm in party planning mode. And, I know it will be great fun and all will turn out well, but it's not like a two-year-old will notice all the work put into it, right? Oh, well...such is the plight of a preschool party planning mama.

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Jessica said...

Almost everything takes a backseat when it is party week here, too. ;)