Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emmy Time

I guess when you think of Emmy, this little statue may come to mind. But in our family Emmy has much bigger meaning. That's the name my sister has earned from her loving nephews. We were expecting a visit next month when her school takes its spring break, but she and her husband made the decision to come home last week to spend time with family after the loss of my brother-in-law's grandmother. While no one was thrilled with the reason they had to hurry home, we have all been enjoying their time here.

On Tuesday, Aunt Emmy and Uncle Jonathan came with me to pick the boys up from school. Jack & Sam had no idea I'd be bringing visitors along with me to school. Jack was excited to see "my Emmy!" It was also pajama day at school, and he just so happened to choose the Lightning McQueen pjs a certain aunt & uncle sent him for Christmas as the attire for the day.

We were overjoyed to have Emmy spend part of three days with us. We also had some wonderful weather and enjoyed lots of great time outside. Wednesday night Josh's R.A. class was studying about a missionary in Germany, so Emily agreed to talk to the boys and field questions about Germany. Questions like, "are you afraid of Germans?"

We were sad to see Emmy leave on Thursday, but are looking forward to some more time together before they head back next Thursday.


Sarah said...

Sisters are such a blessing. I'm so glad you are having time with your's! Will be praying she has a safe trip back!

black tag diaries said...

yay!! glad you guys are getting to enjoy some emmy time!!