Friday, February 17, 2012


Dear Sam,

Today you turned two. I know you enjoyed us singing "Happy Birthday" to you and you even joined in and grinned, but I'm not sure you knew what it all means. Certainly you can't fathom what it means for your mama to have you reach yet another milestone. I'm proud. I'm sad. I'm hopeful. I'm teary. I'm excited. I'm exhausted...but that may have something to do with staying up late to finish your cake for the party tomorrow.

Last time I remember celebrating a two-year-old's birthday so vividly it was your big brother's milestone. We had a train party complete with a train giving rides around the block, and you were just a couple of months away from making your first appearance in the world. For that very reason, I don't think Jack's two was such a roller coaster of emotions. I was excited for him. He was about to be a big brother, and I was going to get to watch it all...for better or worse.

How can you be sooo big? You are talking in full sentences and basically tell us whatever you want. We are working hard on "yes, mam" and "yes, sir." I guess having a brother around to socialize with has made you aware. I'm continually amazed at your language. It's definitely time to start a 'Sam Says' feature on the blog.

Maybe now I know why I went so overboard planning your gives me something to do so I won't think so much about how big you are getting. All the fun tomorrow will certainly distract from any bittersweet feelings about having a two-year-old.

I love you, little man!


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Salena said...

I can totally relate with you on the emotions right now. While we are so proud of our big boys, it's also hard to believe how quickly they are growing up!