Monday, February 13, 2012


I assumed it would happen eventually. I've even told myself it was a mark of being a good parent, but that didn't make the sting any less piercing. Sunday night when Jack asked if he could watch a DVD in the car I told him he couldn't. He had just made a series of less than optimal choices when preparing to leave church, and I explained that he had to work harder to make good choices so that good things could movies. His reply: "You're mean!"

Ouch! That hurt. I know he doesn't think I'm a mean person. I'm hoping it just felt my restrictions were mean, but it still hurt. I didn't tell him how much it hurt me, but I did spend the next several minutes reminding him of all the things that I had done for him to show him that I love him.

I wasn't prepared for it to start so soon. I hope it is just a fluke. Surely boys can't be so dramatic, right?


Jessica said...

Oh, Laura! Yes, it hurts, and yes, boys can be that dramatic. Calen has never said anything to my face, but Jax has said, "You're mean" and "I'm mad at you." He even said, "I hate you." a few months ago.

seeking.senkels said...

I don't recall the first time I heard that phrase. I'm certain it was long, long ago. My common reaction to that statement is, " Yes, and you better not forget it."