Monday, May 26, 2008

More about Sunday & Our Memorial Day Fun

Today was Memorial Day and we spent the day together. We rested from our road trip on Sunday, which included visits to both of my grandparents. We had dinner at Grandaddy & Mimi's for my mom's birthday, which was earlier this month. Josh and I talked about the food all the way home...Mimi is such an excellent cook. I have to remember to get her recipe for sweet potatoes. I also have to remember to keep Jack away from them or he'll never eat that stuff from the jar again! In between great grandparents, we visited Stacie and Terri.

It had been a couple of weeks since the girls had seen little Jack and they were eager to squeeze and cuddle him. When we arrived at Stacie's we found the two of them playing Combat on the old Atari console. That's right...Atari! Stacie quickly gave up her seat to Josh and selflessly offered to play with Jack! It was great to catch up with the girls and hopefully they will be coming for a visit soon!

After a pretty no-fuss day today, we joined some good friends for a cook-out. The Yorks hosted a great party and everyone had a wonderful time. They introduced us to Cornhole, which I promise is a very innocent game (much like horseshoes or golfshoes to those that know that game!) Here are a couple of shots from the festivities!

Josh & Jack enjoying the party

Merideth and Andrew taking in the festivities

Josh dominating his first CornHole competition

Tori & Noah enjoying the party

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