Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last Monday, we started our own veggie tales with Jack trying out his first bites of squash. It was pretty much an instant hit. He's a big fan of food, but if you know us I guess that's no surprise. This weekend, we added sweet potatoes and of course his love for those was just as intense. Josh and I have been very pleased at what a good eater our little one is, and for the most part not too messy. Some days he manages to get it in his hair, but mostly he keeps it pretty clean. I'm also learning quickly that these foods stain on almost everything!

Jack also enjoyed a mid-week visit from his Grandma this week. My mom had the opportunity to take some time off of work and guess where she decided to spend her day off? At our house! Grandma Jan was kind enough to sit with Jack for a bit while I went and had my hair trimmed and picked up a few groceries. It was great having her here. We also got to have lunch with Josh.

Jack and I spend a lot of time together during the day, so it's no surprise that I'm not quite as entertaining as his dad. I have accepted the fact that he's the "fun one," and I'm the "food one!" I won't complain though...I do enjoy capturing the many laughs, smiles and other expressions Jack displays during "daddy time."

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kajal said...

it's only been 5 weeks and brett is already the fun one while I just bring the's sad.