Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I picked him up...and loved every minute!

So, it's just before 11; and Jack is screaming and throwing a tantrum in his bed. Really...a tantrum (kicking his feet against his mattress and yelling and crying to the point of coughing). He had a rough evening, I guess. His afternoon nap was interrupted by a photo shoot at the hospital for their new ad campaign. Despite his lack of sleep, Jack was a trooper...smiling and laughing. Later at home, he began to make up for it.

We put him to bed early, and didn't hear a peep until about 10:30, when he woke up. Usually, I let him cry himself back to sleep. But, this was a screaming cry that lasted longer than a couple of minutes. I comforted him and got him to lay down. Thinking all was well, I crept out. Seconds later, he was at full blast again. So, I went back and this time did the supposed un-thinkable (that is if you read any parenting books)...that's right I picked him up! Crazy, right?

We rocked in the chair and cuddled for a good 20 minutes. Every now and then, he would reposition himself and bury his arms and hands between us. So sweet! I finally decided to make the transfer, but of course, he awoke. So, I let him cry a bit and now (about 5 mins later)...I hear nothing but the keys tapping.

So, my point is I picked him up, we cuddled, we rocked and it was bliss. Fifteen months have nearly flown by, and I can tell it won't be long before mommy's arms are no longer one of his favorite places to be anymore. So, I loved every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

I am in tears...so sweet. You are right- we won't get to do that forever! When I found out I was pregnant w/ carson I would go in Davis' room every single night around 10pm and scoop him up to rock him for a while. It's the sweetest feeling in the world and so proud of you for breaking "the rules!" Hope he (and you!) gets some rest tonight! Jenn

Sarah said...

Oh Laura, I do things all the time that the "experts" say not to do. My mom rocked me to sleep every night when I was little, and I turned out alright. (didn't I?)
I don't think we can love on our children too much. They grow up so fast. Snuggle that boy as much as you can.

Kim said...

Oh how I LOVE my middle of the night snuggles! As long as it's not because a kiddo is sick! And don't worry, they may last longer than you think...Jackson still loves on me (but who wouldn't)!

As far as Sarah turning out OK, the jury is still out on that one!;)

*Thanks for our talk yesterday morning, I'm feeling much more positive & hopeful. My new "blogger friend" has turned into a good friend!

Jessica said...

Doesn't it just feel great (and right)to break the rules. I've always believed my "mommy instinct" is more intune to the needs of my children than some bestseller. I always cuddled with Calen. What am I saying? I still do! He's going to be six and still loves cuddle time with Mommy. Besides, they really know how much you love them by loving them when they're being unlovable.

Merideth said...

You rock that baby any time you want, girl! It doesn't get any better than holding your sweet baby as he sleeps. "It won't be like this for long"