Thursday, February 12, 2009


I can't seem to get anything done this week. I'm trying to gather all our tax documents together to meet with our tax preparer. The desk is a mess. I have brought a chair over to serve as another work surface and poor Jack keeps getting shooed away from it. He loves to grab papers and throw them in the floor. I'm beginning to think that might be somewhat therapeutic for me as well.

Last night, Jack & I had a little adventure. The weather was pretty rough with strong winds and lots of rain in what seemed like a short period of time. We arrived home from church (Josh stays for choir practice) to find the power off. Mind you the revelation was a little less obvious than one might suspect. I couldn't get the garage door opener to work. Naturally, I figured the batteries in the clicker had bit the dust. So, I took my key to the front door and planned to open the garage from inside and pull the car in. When I arrived at the front door it occurred to me that all the houses on the street were pitch black and the house was completely dark! I panicked...I couldn't go in that dark house! What if there was someone lurking in there?! All reasonable thought had escaped me (including the fact that I had a flashlight in my glove box).

Anyway, our sweet neighbor came over to check on me when he saw me in my driveway. I explained in the least-crazy-lady-way-possible that I couldn't go in to my dark house. He agreed to come in with me and help me get to our flashlights. So, I grabbed Jack and in we headed with our kind neighbor. He even offered to let me keep his flashlight. I assured him that once I had found my way to ours I would be fine. I'm sure he didn't because he's so nice, but anyone in their right mind would have rolled their eyes at this proclamation. And, I wouldn't have been able to see (remember the power is out!) I mean this is the same lady that 2 minutes earlier had admitted she was scared to go in her own home!

Anyway, we got to our flashlights and I even lit a fire log (mostly for light) and several candles throughout the house. I feel stupid for saying this, but I thought what am I going to do to entertain this rascal until bedtime. Jack had a blast. He loved the flashlights and most of his toys work on batteries anyway. So, he just did his thing but in the semi-dark! It was a fun little adventure. Within about an hour power was restored and just in time for Jack's bedtime and American!


Kim said...

We came home from church Wednesday to no power too! Imagine that? The kids had to get baths by candle light. I had to lay down with Jackson to get him to go to bed, he doesn't like the dark. While we were laying there the power came back on and he said "I liked the power being out". KIDS!

Sarah said...

I am so scared of the dark, so I can totally relate. I would have gotten back in the car and gone somewhere else. I hate being in the dark.