Monday, February 23, 2009

11 & 5

Eleven and five were once just numbers. For the past week they have been the magic hours in which our sweet son wakes and screams for 5 minutes. (As in p.m. & a.m., respectively.) Hopefully, it's just the cold he's been fighting or the teeth (yes, more) he's cutting. So, here's to hoping this is merely a phase and a short one at that.


Kim said...

Hailey was up at 11 & 5 too! That is so crazy!

brandiandboys said...

hi laura, you won the "changing your world one diaper at a time" over at my blog. just email me your address and i'll ship out the book!

ps - i rarely give parenting advice... but the parenting advice i do give is "everything is a phase!" not life changing advice, but you're right, he will stop waking up at 11 & 5 and move onto something else! ;)