Thursday, September 2, 2010

F is for Football

So, football season is here. South Carolina kicked off tonight, which is a nice warm-up to get ready for Saturday's slate of games. We also get to enjoy a little hometown action tomorrow night under the lights at Raider Stadium. Looking forward to a little bit of tailgating before the game too. We drive by the stadium almost daily, and Jack is always asking about going to the football game. In fact, I'm a little worried he may not be as easy to leave behind at with my mom every week in Athens. I think he's going to be asking where we are going!? Anyway, even though it stills feels mostly like summer, football has begun so that means fall is on the way! What are you most looking forward to about fall??


Lindsey Brackett said...

F is for fall colors, falling leaves, falling temps, and forlorn summer days. But I love fall, the weather, the jeans, the camping, the pumpkins...maybe we'll add Friday night tailgates to our Favorite Fall list too! Have a fun night with all the boys. See you soon!

black tag diaries said...

hmmmm... i think i'm going to go with really cute fall boots. no... pumpkin pie. no... boots. yes, definitely really cute boots. ...maybe wearing super cute boots, while eating pumpkin pie. yes, that's it.

kriswalls said...

Ummmmm- I want summer backkkkkkk! Ohhh well, I guess the best part is a really HAPPY HUBBY! ;) Really who could ask for anything more!