Thursday, September 9, 2010

Someday I'll Miss...

If there is one phrase I hear more than any other it's usually something along the lines of: "Enjoy it. They grow up so fast." And, I believe it. I'm witnessing it. I mean I can't figure out how I have a near 3 year-old and an almost 7 month-old. It certainly doesn't feel like I've been doing this mothering thing for three years. Somedays it feels like I've never done it before. You know the kind of days where you forget to pack an extra set of clothes for your infant or one of those days when you have packed his bag to the brim with every essential and then some, but leave said bag behind at home. Or when you pride yourself on having remembered to not only check the bag for extra clothes and bring it along to find that the extra clothes or spare underwear (in most cases) is a leftover soiled pair.

Anyway, back to my point...I'm fully aware of how fast my children are growing. Today I found myself looking forward to a few things, which made me realize that someday I'll miss these mundane things. Although, I'm pretty sure it will take a few years. Someday I'll miss...
  • all the tops, lids, valves, caps and various pieces that accompany bottles and sippy cups and the fact that sometimes they occupy the entire top drawer of the dishwasher, but not today.
  • changing the diaper on a wiggly baby, cleaning poopy underwear, basically dealing with number 2, but not today.
  • that my toddler needs my help to do the second set of buckles on his carseat and that he always waits for my help to get out of the same carseat when we arrive at our destination.
  • shopping on the baby aisle at the grocery store, especially those itty, bitty jars/containers of baby food and how they hog your entire cart.
  • the fact that I must accompany my boys when they want to play outside. I often dream of saying, "go outside and play." But, the truth is, it often means I get fresh air, a moment out of the house (and a break from housework, etc.), and a chance to just pretend I'm a kid again.
  • washing loads and loads of laundry every week. I fondly remember having a laundry day usually once a week when Josh and I were a family of two. Adding Jack increased that immensely and then just as I'd gotten a handle on things and a system, we added Sam. Baby clothes are the worst. They are so tiny and these outfits with multiple pieces. I mean really, who needs socks, a bib & a hat to go with every outfit? Also, if you've got a spitter on your hands (like Sam) you may go through multiple outfits in a day, definitely multiple bibs in a day and count on having to Shout/OxyClean/SprayNWash every single spot if they have a chance at wearing it again. I feel I am in a constant state of putting laundry away. I think the ideal house would have a laundry room gigantic enough to hold several clothes racks, drawers, etc. and everyone's clothes would just be kept there. Then you'd just go grab everyone's clothes for the day the night before, etc.
  • changing crib sheets, but as of now this task is the bane of my existence.
To my fellow mommy bloggers, what things are you eager to say goodbye to even though you know someday you'll miss them?


Sarah said...

Laura, I think about this almost daily. There are so many things I already miss - breastfeeding, even though I often felt like a cow, onesies, even though they are a pain, listening to the babbling in the backseat while driving, having a crib in the house, and the list could go on. I got very teary when Mallory got her big girl bed, and I should and am happy. It's just to move ahead we have to leave things behind and it's hard. But, I wouldn't trade my years with my babies for anything in the whole world. Love this post. (and my response is long enough to be a whole 'nother post!)

April said...

so your post got me thinking...i think i'm going to be the next mrs. dugger! i'm not ready to give up any of these things, well maybe the poop. but the smell of fresh baby laundry, that in itself is enough to make me have at least 3 of these little miracles (Lord willing). i was just thinking today about when eli first came into the world and the ambiance of my house: it being fall, cool days, quiet evenings, and the lights down low. i'd do it again tomorrow...even without all the sleep. (sorry i think you hit a nerve with your blog readers...great writing!)

Merideth said...

for me, I won't miss dirty floors, urine-smelling bathrooms and french fries in the floorboard of my car. I will, however, miss EVERYTHING ELSE! I get emotional when I am folding Tate's "Daddy-underwear" (boxer briefs he excitedly picked out at Wal-Mart when he needed the next size up in briefs). I still make my boys let me hold them "like they are a baby" (they love it) and yes, I ROCK my little girl every night before I put her in her crib...and I cherish every moment. I just praise God that he has allowed me to spend so much time with my little angels. Great post, Laura!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Everytime I get up with her at 3:30 or 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning, I know I'll miss it when it's over, but it doesn't make getting up any easier! I already miss nursing exclusively, but am so grateful that we still have that at night. i can't believe she's probably it for us and that makes every step so much more poingant.