Tuesday, September 7, 2010

raNdOm tHouGhTs

A few of my random thoughts & observations from today:
  • The Tuesday morning following a Monday holiday (ie. Memorial Day or Labor Day) is probably not the best time to try to buy hamburger buns at the grocery store. Guess we won't be having burgers tonight. (Update: Wal-Mart came through for me! And, we had the most delicious bacon cheddar burgers!)
  • How insane would people think you are if you jump into the Sara Lee truck (spotted in the parking lot while leaving the bun-less grocery store) and look for hamburger buns? For the record, I did not do this...only thought about it!
  • What is weirder? The fact that the little old lady working at the nail salon was wearing white pants the day after Labor Day or the fact that they were baseball pants? (And, yes, I'm sure. I saw the "Bike" logo and could tell by the reinforced areas on the knees.)
  • I can't imagine there is a cuter firefighter in this world.


Merideth said...

Oh, there is definatley NO CUTE firefighter out there!!

Lindsey Brackett said...

I'm with you--I hate to see the stocking truck and still not have what I need. I'm hoping you got to do a more than one store run w/o kids since not much seems worth the buckle/unbuckle more than you have to!

black tag diaries said...

baseball pants?!?! that is awesome. maybe this is a new fall fashion trend that i'm not aware of yet...