Monday, September 6, 2010

Raider Fun

Friday night we took in the first Habersham Central home football game. Jack was in absolute heaven all day on Friday as I kept telling him we were going to see football that night. In fact, he was a bit upset that we were tailgating before the game instead of heading right into the stadium! We had a lot of fun letting the kids run around and play ball before the big boys took the field.

Sam sure didn't seem to mind the noise and game going on...he fell asleep sometime during the first quarter. His nap was somewhat brief, but he was a trooper. We eventually headed out just before the fourth quarter before meltdowns had time to occur. Jack has been to the Raider games the last two years, but I think he's really starting to enjoy it this year.

Unfortunate side note: the Raiders lost. They fall to 0-2, but there's always next week!
This was his face/reaction when he saw the team running out. I like that his left hand is almost nudging Josh as if to say, "daddy, are you seeing this?"

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April said...

we enjoyed tailgating with you guys. sorry the raiders couldn't pull one out for jack. i love the fact you thought about jumping in the sara lee truck! and hey, i wear chris's baseball pants all the time. :)