Monday, April 4, 2011

His Perspective

Each Tuesday and Thursday when I pick the boys up from preschool, I ask Jack how his day was. I usally ask if he ate his lunch, what kind of things they did at school, until I can find a subject to get him talking. A couple of weeks ago, I overheard the teacher tell one of his classmates who was having a bit of separation trouble during drop-off that they would be making popcorn that day. I made a mental note.

Later when we were riding home, I asked Jack about school and asked if he made popcorn. He excitedly said, "Yes, and I made a tree dog, but it's not a dog." You can imagine my confusion after this statement. So, I asked for clarification. He simply repeated the statement. I decided we'd move on and returned to the popcorn. I asked if he had eaten any popcorn. He said disgustedly, "Noooo! It had glue on it!" Then, the lightbulb came on and I realized just what he meant. Finally, last week, I walked in to find this on the wall by his classroom:

So, the "tree dog" was a dogwood tree made with popcorn. I was glad my thoughts had aligned with reality. In other silly sayings of a three-year-old. Jack wore a whole in the knee of one of pairs of jeans.* When we got in the car after school he told me sadly, "mom, my pants got broked."

*on a side note, I know I have two boys, but I guess I didn't realize we would reach the age of clothes destruction so soon! So much for hand-me-downs for little brother.


black tag diaries said...

what a beautiful tree dog!! love it:)

Kim said...

I love the tree dog!
Make note which knee he wore out..... Jackson ALWAYS wore out the right knee, never the left.

Lindsey Brackett said...

I am equally sad about the clothes. Our hand me downs lasted through this kindergarten year. I don't know what she does all day, but it involves her knees!