Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sam Says (well sort of)

In addition to walking all over the place these days, our Sam is really beginning to communicate. He's constantly babbling his growing list of words: mama, dada, baba (brother), dink do (thank you), be boo (peek-a-boo) or put (poot, you can thank the other two boys in the house for that one, thankfully he says it very rarely). In the last couple of weeks, he's also begun to show off his signing skills. I will admit that I wasn't as aggressive with teaching him signs as I was Jack, but he has found a way to catch on despite my lack of consistency. For those that know him, it comes as no surprise that Sam has a good appetite. Somedays it's a healthy one, others it's merely for fruit loops alone. Regardless, his favorite sign is definitely "more."

More oatmeal.
More yogurt.
More pancakes.
More PB & J.
Or in this case, more bubbles!

His other favorite signs are "all done" and "milk." You'd think a kid that loves to eat would rarely sign "all done," but if it's one thing he doesn't like about mealtime, it's being restrained to a highchair. He prefers to graze, I guess. Can you blame him?


Kim said...

Poot is a very important first word, glad he has it mastered!

Lindsey Brackett said...

How funny that I have been planning a post about Amelia's growing vocabulary on the day you posted this...great minds, right? And thanks for letting me know I'm not the only mommy who feeds my baby fruit loops. She LOVES them and regularly points to the cabinet saying, "Mo, mo!" (more, more)

April said...

at least sam just says poot and doesn't make the noise with his mouth like my child!!