Thursday, April 28, 2011

thankful thursday

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What a week it's been, and oh how much there is to be thankful for. As you may recall from my first thankful thursday post, my sister was scheduled to arrive home from Germany. She arrived pretty sick, but thanks to God's healing and guidance through several great medical professionals, she is on the mend. She's been diagnosed with orbital myositis, which involves swelling of the eye muscles. Her's had progressed so severely that she was suffering neurological issues. High dose steroids have reduced the swelling greatly and she has improved. Her vision hasn't returned completely to normal, which is causing double vision. Thank you to all of you that prayed for her.

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black tag diaries said...

so glad you are getting some time with your sister... there's just no replacement for that special sisterly time. and i'm so thankful she is beginning to heal... will continue to pray. ps... we will be in/around habersham next week and weekend... hope to see you guys, even if just for a second!!