Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Batter Up!

Tee ball is in full swing...literally. We spend at least one night/day (and sometimes two) at the ball field each week. Jack seems to enjoy it, and that's all I really care about. The highlight is often snack time, but who can blame him? Sam is hit or miss (no pun intended) at the ball park. Sometimes he's content to enjoy a tootsie pop or play with a car. Other times, he's on a running rampage making mad dashes for the playground or trying to join daddy and bubba on the field. Tonight a caterpillar was our saving grace in the final inning. Never thought I'd wish for more bugs, but whatever it takes. One game in particular, after I had to leave for a meeting, Sam began yelling loudly from behind the fence, "I love you, dad!" "Dad, I love you!" "I love you, bubba!" "Daddy, I love you!" Apparently, it was so loud both teams were giggling. Every now and then Josh would respond with, "I love you too, buddy." Here's to hoping he's always that bold when sharing his heart.

So excited...he got the ball!

Rounding first.


Headed home after some instruction from daddy.

Pirate t-ball...catch the fever!

He sure loves this fun & sweet cousin.

Snap it quick!

Fielding another one!

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Stephanie said...

Confession--I saw the title of this post and thought--a post about pancake batter? Maybe I should eat something. Or...maybe I shouldn't. I don't know, I'll flip a coin.

What a sweet, sweet boy you have! I'm so glad that he felt free to share his love and that his daddy just gave it right back to him!