Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Night Fun

Since daddy is spending the weekend working, we were hoping to get some fun in on Friday night. We headed down to the depot in Cornelia where the Apple Blossom festivities were getting underway. This year's event included a BBQ competition. While they didn't have any sampling going on Friday night. There were a pair of BBQ vendors, music, face painting and the chance to see a train up close and personal...good or bad. Sam almost lost it when the train came roaring through just steps away from us. I knelt down beside him & reminded him it was just loud, not scary. It took him a couple of seconds to believe me, but he eventually started waving, "hey, choo choo!"

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Sarah said...

We went today and had a great time. Is Josh singing karaoke? The only Higgins that made it onstage today was Aubrey during the magic show. Good times.