Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 I found some eggs! Now what?

 Watching the puppet show with the big kids.

 Caught in the act...of sharing. Spotted Jack running toward one of his classmates at his Busy Bees egg hunt. Overheard, "Here you can have this one, Kynna!" Love him.

Sam is the first of his Little Lambs classmates out the door. Such zeal, such excitement, must be the thrill of the hunt...

 Wait, where's your basket? You're running right past the eggs, Sam!

 Who has time for hunting eggs, when we're on the playground?

 Big man is an official solo monkey bar crosser. He's so proud. Can you see the little look of determination, slight fear and enormous hope in his eyes? He couldn't wait to run inside and tell his daddy, grandaddy and uncle jeff!

 Silly dance partying in the bed of daddy's truck with cousin Sean. These three are a mess.

 Ceremonial Easter Sunday snapshot.

 On the hunt at Mimi & (great) Grandaddy's house. Molly's lending some aid.

 Playing peek-a-boo with mom.

Giving Molly some "Sam love," which is often confused with torture. Poor Molly.

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