Monday, June 2, 2008

This is harder than it looks, guys!

So, with the six-month mark comes the introduction of the cup. After a couple of purchases, I think I found one Jack is interested in. Although, we may have to put Coca-cola in it for him to drink out of it. Of course, I'm just kidding! We've tried it with water and some seriously diluted apple juice and he's finally starting to get the hang of it.

We began by just playing with it empty. Today while Josh and I were eating lunch he was sitting in his high chair. I've been trying to teach him to keep his hands down while he's in the high chair. If they come up, I put them back by his sides before continuing with eating. So, we gave him the cup to play with and just sat there trying to get it in his mouth without his bobbing for apples. I was so proud that he knew to keep his hands down, but at the same time felt kind of bad that he didn't think he could use them! So, Josh showed him.

He really got the hang of it this evening and I managed to snap a few pictures. We'll continue to work on it, but I guess it's harder than it looks!

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