Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's the difference?

What's the difference in these two pictures? Besides the obivious: one's inside, the other's outside, one's at our house, the other's at the beach.

Stumped? Josh trimmed Jack's hair on the sides Saturday night. Can you believe he's old enough for a little haircut. Josh did the deed while I was out picking up dinner and movie once I returned from mine and Jack's quick trip to Rome. He had fun playing with his Grandmommy and Grandaddy and Aunt Kristy and Molly. Anyway, I came back and Josh said "you haven't noticed what we did while you were gone." Then, he called Jack to turn toward us and I spotted it right away. I couldn't believe it. He looks so much more like a little boy now. Anyway, it's not completely even since he was doing it alone and trying not to cut Jack's ear off. Thought you all would want to see the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Oh Laura! He is so cute I just can't stand it!!! Guess only gets better. Love, Nancy

Kim said...

Jack is so adorable, I love the way his hair stands up. Isn't it amazing what a haircut can do? Look at me! Ha Ha! Hailey turned two in April & she STILL doesn't have enough to cut!

Sarah said...

Oh! I love it! It's such a bittersweet thing, that first haircut. He has to look good for Mallory though!

Kathy Cashion said...

Oh my precious Jack. He looks so cute. He is growing up so fast.
He is in style with that spiked
"do". I love it and I love him!

Anonymous said...

Josh probably made sure he cut Jack's hair after what you did to his Laura! LOL! He does look like a precious little boy! Of course I'm not prejudice or anything! Mom