Monday, December 22, 2008

It was too quiet

I've always heard other moms say they knew their little ones were up to something because "it was too quiet." I thought it might have been just one of those things that moms say or was at least a year or two off from our vocabulary. We'll if it didn't happen twice today with Jack.

Jack really enjoys exploring and happily plays with his toys with or without you (although there is usually a lot more laughter if you join in!) Today I was trying to get a million things done. Needless to say, he did a lot of independent play. This morning as I was on the computer checking messages and paying a couple of bills, he was happily playing in the upstairs living room. Batting his balls around the room and then it got quiet...too quiet. I walked into the room to find him playing with the remote to the television, which is off-limits to him (and he knows this!) He looked at me so innocently, as if he hadn't been caught red-handed!

Then, this evening just after Josh got home it got quiet again! Josh was changing and getting his things together for his night shift, and I was in the kitchen preparing a dessert for our Sunday School Christmas Party. Jack was crawling back and forth between our bedroom and the kitchen. In his defense, it was his dinner time; and I was again trying to get too many things done at once! After playing in the living room for a while, he got too quiet. I walked in to find that he had pulled the tissue box off the side table and pulled 20+ tissues out of the box and was happily sitting in his mess of tissues! I wanted to scold him until I noticed he was trying to eat them! The poor kid was hungry! So, I sheepishly pulled my poor starving child's dinner together and discarded the half-eaten tissues, but not before snapping a photo to share with all of you!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays! I'm looking forward to a fun week with family and friends. Safe travels to you all!


Jessica said...

LOL. Love it! The sound of silence never sets well around this house. I'm also pleased to find out that I'm not the only mother who has "forgotten" to feed a little one.

Sarah said...

All I have to say is Kleenex is way tame compared to other "quiet times" at our house! Consider yourself lucky! (:

Kim said...

Oh to be so lucky! This morning Hailey was a little too quiet too....She was in her bedroom painting her finger nails! I guess I was naive to think that she couldn't get the nail polish open!