Sunday, December 7, 2008

Say Cheese

Saturday we took Jack to have some photos made, sort of commemorating his first birthday. A great gal I grew up with does photography in our hometown. I've been admiring her images for months on her website and facebook profile. I was excited for the opportunity to have her photograph Jack. The shoot took us to Athens, actually Winterville (which is right outside of Athens). We even managed to get some Christmas shopping done and squeeze in a home-cooked meal with my family. (Thanks, mom!)

Anyway, Sue Ann (our photographer) posted a few "sneak peek" shots from Jack's session on her blog. There's one shown here, but hope you'll take a look. We are so pleased with what we got. We can't wait to see the rest. Thanks, Sue Ann!

I guess it's also been several days since an update, so I'll fill you in on some fun things that happened this week. First of all, it snowed here on Monday! Fun, right? None of it stuck, but it was so pretty! Here's a picture of it coming down in our backyard. Jack wasn't nearly as interested in watching it fall as I was. Maybe once there's some to play in, he'll be more into the snowfall. Anyway, how cool is it that we have snow here on Dec. 1? "Very" is the expected answer!

Our final MOPS meeting of the calendar year was on Friday, and it was a bit silly! We had a game where each table had to make one of their members into a reindeer with only the supplied materials. Somehow I was selected to be the guinea pig...I think I was a pretty good sport. What do you think?

We also brought cookies to swap and share with the lovely and sweet volunteers who keep our children each meeting. I wasn't in the baking spirit and instead assembled these reindeer cookies I spotted in the Family Fun magazine. I've posted new pictures on the Picasa site as well. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season.


Jenn Hill said...

That top picture is my favorite of Jack!!! So cute! You were a good sport as a reindeer... That was hysterical. Have the best week!

Sarah said...

It was just a reindeer day for you! Love the cookies, and Jack is precious of course!

Kim said...

I love the pictures of Jack! They are great. It looks like y'all had a great time at MOPS, I wish that I could join you!

Jessica said...

Love the pictures of Jack. He is so adorable.

Merideth said...

Well, we all know that the little man is precious, and those cookies!! Now I know what me and the boys can make this weekend!