Monday, December 1, 2008

One Year Old...Can it Be?

Yes, we are officially parents to a one-year-old. Friday marked the first anniversary of Jack's birth. We spent part of the day putting up Christmas decorations and preparing for Jack's party on Sunday. Friday afternoon we headed to Gwinnett and had dinner. The day also marked a year of mothering and fathering, so we treated ourselves to a tasty meal at one of our favorites, Carraba's. Here's Jack showing off his birthday attire, which I made thanks to some serious encouragement from a great friend ;)

Afterwards, we went to Bass Pro Shops for Jack to have his photo made with Santa. He had his photo made last year, but of course was barely a month old. He didn't really smile for the photo and seemed a little leery of this white-haired dude, but I'm just proud he didn't cry.

Sunday was the big party. Lots of family and special friends joined us to help celebrate Jack's first birthday! It was a hectic day getting everything ready, but it all turned out really well. Jack seemed to have fun, and Josh and I sure felt blessed. It was so neat to have so many people from so many different aspects of our life come to support us and share their love with our little one. Thank you all for being such wonderful grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, cousins and friends! Jack has a lot of people that love him, and for that we are blessed.

What a year it has been. Josh and I have been caught up in the "this time last year" game for a few weeks now. "This time last year, we put up decorations wondering when you would go into labor, or this time last year, we were bringing home a brand-new baby!" Mostly I would say it has flown by, but strangely in some ways it has been a long year. Weird, I know.

What a fun kid Jack is, and the excitement grows each day. We have enjoyed our journey into parenthood (just like everyone said we would) Then again, everyone said it would change us. I guess it has, but only for the good. We're much more thankful people; much more patient people (I think); and much more easily entertained people!

You can view many more photos from Jack's big day here.


The O'Dells said...

yay! Happy birthday, Jack! Hope y'all are doing well! This time goes by WAY too fast!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! We are so glad to know him. He is such a cutie. Mallory especially loves him. He was super last night too.