Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I resolve to NOT...

With all the focus on New Year's Resolutions, I came across the idea of doing NON-resolutions. Sounded perfect to me; I'm pretty good at not doing things (like cleaning the bathroom, etc.)

I resolve NOT to...(*corrected for my husband's sake! Sorry to all you English fanatics who were grimacing at the fact that I split my infinitives!)

1. Take for granted Jack's cuddly size; he'll be so big this time next year!

2. Worry about what my kid is doing versus others his age. So, what if he crawls to kindergarten? At least my kid's not running away from me (okay, so he's furiously crawling away from me...there is a difference, right?)

3. Spend so much time on the computer. Ouch, this one is going to be a challenge. Maybe I should clarify: I mean paying bills doesn't count, right? And updating the blog is part of our obligation to family and friends. Email also keeps me from having to make so many phone calls, and Facebook is...

4. Make too many Non-Resolutions, I mean that last one is getting pretty close to a real resolution!

Jack and I spent last Thursday night and Friday in Athens. I had the opportunity to try out my dad's new Wii and experience the Wii Fit. I'm pretty good at the hula hoop and long jump skiing; everything else I was pretty terrible at. Jack enjoyed watching and loved Dad's workout gear. He kept wanting me to put it on him. After taking it off, he wanted it on again! Silly boy! While we were in town we managed to squeeze in a meal at Chick-fil-A and a trip to the Elephant Trunk (all the Christmas clothes were 1/2 off). I snagged Jack the cutest pants and a Christmas outfit for this year (it's 2009, people!)


Kim said...

I like the Non-Resolutions! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I resolve to not split infinitives