Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you remember where you were...

*Note: this one has been floating around in my head for a couple of days. I'm just now making it to the computer to hammer it out, so I'm post dating it.

Do you remember where you were 14 months ago today? I sure do. I was sitting in a hospital bed as a proud mommy to a one day old baby! That's right Jack has officially passed the 14-month mark. I guess at a certain point you stop marking their age with months, but I assume that happens when their clothes aren't sized in months anymore.

Although he's still not walking Jack is certainly showing signs of having learned new things every day. For months, he had enjoyed playing peek-a-boo by hiding around the corner of the couch or just out of sight and then popping his head up, but this week he has learned to cover his eyes with his hands and then uncover them! He does this with a surprised look on his face and usually a giggle.

Jack enjoys laughing and does it like it's contagious. If he overhears someone laughing he usually laughs too, even strangers! It's pretty cute. We are still getting a kick out of watching him dance. When he hears some music he likes, he starts moving and grooving.

Jack loves chocolate milk and regularly asks for juice. He loves the sign for eat/food and does it all the time to let you know he wants to eat whatever it is you are eating or whatever it is he sees that he thinks might taste good (food or otherwise!) He recently started signing "down" for when he wants you to put him down or get out of his high chair. It's pretty funny because he usually signs it when he wants to climb up on the couch too.

He's standing pretty well on his own, but still seems to be pretty content to keep up the speed crawling. He walks well behind his push toy and loves to climb the stairs whenever permitted to do so! He loves to say "woof, woof" when he sees a dog. He still seems to be pretty tall. I look forward to seeing his percentiles for height and weight at his check up in March.

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