Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Painted Sky

Last night the most beautiful sunset was taking place right outside our house. Josh said when he pulled down the street on the way home, it was as if it was leading him home. The temperatures are quite chilly here this week, but we stood outside and enjoyed the painted sky for a while anyway. Photographs don't always do these beautiful mountain sunsets justice, but here's one anyway.

After Jack's bath last night, Josh and I messed Jack's hair up pretty good. Then, we showed him in the mirror. Jack thought it was so funny! He even tried to do a little styling of his own. It was so funny. I had to run and grab the camera. There are more pictures here, including one where he shows how perfectly his finger fits in his nostril...boys, boys, boys!

In other news, Josh shaved his beard on Sunday afternoon and Jack seemingly just noticed on Monday evening. Here he is giving Josh the inspection.

We're also having our back deck expanded. (In fact, I hear the sounds of hammering right now!) We love being outside and love the view from the back of the house. We had talked about doing it for a while, but hadn't followed through with it. Taking the opportunity to employ some out of work builders, we finally bit the bullet. We're looking forward to seeing the finished product; and I'll be sure to share. If we can get our minds made up about what we want, the basement will be next.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how long his hair is!!! Nancy

Sarah said...

Beautiful pic! I love the sunsets here too.
We also have fun with hair after bathtime. Remind me to show you a layout I did about it.

Merideth said...

I'll state the obvious and say WOW- that is a beautifully breathtaking picture. As far as the one of your crazy-haired son- LOVE IT!! So fun to have such a good time at our children's expense!