Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in Carolina

I will begin by apologizing this is going to be a simple blog entry. I'm tired and ready for bed, but felt like I needed to get this stuff up (because some folks know I usually update on Monday nights!) I spent most of my evening working on our MOPS newsletter that needs to go out this week, so my blog will suffer because of it...oh, well. I know you will forgive me! LOL

We spent Friday night and most of Saturday in Greenwood catching up with friends. We have some very fond memories from the three years we lived there and several of our friends still call it home. We began our whirlwind of visitations at the Warner's house. Kristie aka Cissy is my usual hostess when I come into town. She graciously put Jack and I up for a couple of days this summer during our trip to Greenwood. We look forward to doing the same again this year. Jack loved the pool! Anyway, Cissy and Bill were preparing to leave for a glorious trip to Aruba. I know, I'm sitting here awaiting the predicted snow and they are basking in the sunshine! Next time, hide me in your suitcase, Cissy!

Our great friends, Chandler & Sara were kind enough to let us stay the night with them. They just moved into a new house with their son, Noah, in November. So, it was so exciting to see their new home. It's just gorgeous, and we look forward to more visits there in the future.

We started Saturday morning with a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel where we caught up with the Wiles family. They lived just down the street from us and are such a fun family. They are preparing to welcome their third baby, a little girl. Hannah Grace & Austin seemed to be excited to have a little sister. They both enjoyed entertaining Jack & Noah during breakfast.
Soon after breakfast the little guys were ready for a much-needed nap. Then, they finally got some playtime together. Jack loved Noah's basketball goal. He knew just what to do with it. The only problem was figuring out how to stand up to reach it. Noah is just six weeks older than Jack, but walking around pretty good. They had a grand time together.

Later that afternoon, we began making the rounds...first was a stop at the Forets. It was a bit sad to think that it could be the last time we say Ryan & Elise before they move back to Lousiana in a few months. We're already trying to plan a weekend together at the Ga v. LSU baseball game in Athens in a couple of months. Then after a hiatus at the new Marble Slab (even in 40 degree weather ice cream is delicious!) Our next stop was the Taylors. They also lived just down the street from us, but have since moved into a larger home to accomodate their growing family. Scarlet was in Josh's residency class and was also my doctor while we lived in G'wood. She guided me through the first 17 weeks of our pregnancy. She and Scott have two children Emma & Dalton and like the Wiles are about to add a third, a boy! Scarlet & Lindsay work in the same practice in Abbeville (just outside G'wood.) Their newest additions are due about a month apart from one another. Here's Jack envying Dalton's climbing abilities!

Finally, we stopped at the Johns' house. Marty & Gretchen were also friends from residency. They have a son, Tripp, who is four weeks older than Jack. Gretchen is also pregnant with their second child, due in July! It was the first time we had seen them in person to congratulate them. We ended up staying around for pizza and hanging out while the boys all played. I found this old picture, which was taken at one of Sara's showers (presumably in September of 2007). Fastforward 16 months to the photo that was taken this weekend. Pretty neat, huh? We were so grateful to reconnect with old friends, but so glad to be home too. They are calling for snow tonight, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'll keep you posted! :)

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Merideth said...

Wow you guys were busy this weekend, I got tired just reading about it. I hope today is full of R&R for you!