Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

Okay, so Wednesday Jack got his first real haircut, and by real I mean he wasn't sitting on our bathroom counter in a diaper. Yes, for his entire life (20 months...can you believe it?) he's been receiving complimentary trims courtesy of dad with a little head holding and help from mom. He's been in need of a trim, and for a free haircut I think we do a pretty good job. I thought it would be a good idea to take him to a professional since my sister's wedding is next week.

He was not real happy about sitting in this weird chair and didn't want to wear the smock, but a lollipop soon convinced him that all would be okay. He was pretty well behaved other than constantly turning his head left and right as if he was deliberately trying to make the stylist work harder. His long hair on top is officially gone, which is sad. I'm not sure what they hear when you say "don't make the top too short; I like it to comb over to the side," but it must sound like "just keep cutting away until it's all gone." It's not that bad and it will hopefully grow out a little to a length I will appreciate.

I still haven't gotten a good after photo...I'll have to post again soon. Here are some other things we've been up to since Josh has been home.

Enjoying corn on the cob.

A visit from Grandmommy last week.

Celebrating Uncle John's birthday with sweet kisses from Sadie (and Molly too!)


Sarah said...

Just think - before long he'll be cutting his own hair like Aubrey! (:

kriswalls said...

I am sure he is as handsome as ever!

Kim said...

I think it's funny that they give them the sucker before they start cutting (to help distract them) and it's totally covered in hair by the end! I took Jackson to the barber shop yesterday, he's gotten so big they didn't have to put the board in the chair for him to sit on!

The O'Dells said...

What a handsome fella! Our sweet Summer turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and she has yet to get her first hair cut by anyone! Her hair just won't grow!!

Merideth said...

Love the new do!

the hill family said...

such a cutie and so excited about the updated pics. of your 20 month old little guy... hard to believe he'll be 2 soon! He looks so cute with his new cut!!!