Thursday, July 2, 2009


**Updated to include photos...gasp!

I know it's been a while, but instead of apologizing or telling you how crazy life has been (because seriously, who's life isn't crazy, right?), I thought I'd just cut to the chase and tell you what we've been up to the last two weeks, yes...two weeks worth of fun!! The main theme was definitely "park"-ing, as in multiple trips to Pitts Park, a trip to the ball park and a couple of trips to the Splash Park.

Like most 19-month-olds, Jack loves to explore and is often a bundle of energy. We try to focus that energy somewhere, so we've been meeting friends at the park in the mornings a couple of days a week. If we go early enough we miss the unbearable heat, and usually have plenty of time to get a few other things done before lunch too. On really good days, we end our morning out with lunch with Josh before heading home for a great nap!

Last Tuesday, we headed to Atlanta to watch the Braves take on the Yankees. It was a great game, and Jack did really well. We made it 7 1/2 innings. He might have made it a bit longer, but we didn't want to risk meltdown. It was the only game in the series that the Braves won, so we couldn't have picked a better one. You may remember we took in a game a few weeks back with some friends from Charleston. They were so sweet to share their peanuts during the game with Jack. So, naturally, this time he was puzzled that the fans behind us (and in front of us) weren't just giving him their peanuts! That boy loves some roasted peanuts.

Twice in the last two weeks Jack and I have joined friends at the Splash Park in Gainesville. It's a short drive and a great value...$4. Jack doesn't LOVE all the excitement and is actually quite cautious, but he seems to enjoy it. It's also a great excuse to have Chick-fil-A for lunch...even if we do have to go through the drive-thru because of our passed out children. Note to mothers: splash zone will exhaust your child and hopefully get you a good nap!!

I'll be back to post some pictures soon and fill you in on what else we've got going on. Here's a teaser (just like the scenes from next week's episodes on your favorite shows): Josh starts farming, becomes a preacher and flees the country...I know, you're dying inside!


Kim said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of one of your "park-ing" trips. Splash Zone was a hit with the kiddos (& me too)!

Carolyn said...

I love the picture of Jack at the baseball game! Great color and such a cute kid!