Friday, July 17, 2009

Home, sweet, home?

Well, we arrived back home yesterday afternoon. There has been a decent bit of progress down in the basement while we were gone, electical, plumbing and hvac work. I'm not sure about Jack, but I was exhausted from our trip and was eager for bedtime to arrive. It's great to be home, but it's just not as sweet without someone to greet you when you pull in from your trip. Jack and I are on our own for just a wee bit longer now. I'm eagerly anticipating picking Josh up on Sunday's been a long week. I just don't know how people that travel all the time do it. Consider us thankful that Josh's travels are a rare occasion.

On Wednesday we enjoyed lunch with Shelby, a friend and fellow dawg fan I used to work with in Greenwood. Poor Shelby was having a terrible day, but insisted on keeping our lunch plans. I hope we were able to brighten her day just a bit with our company. I enjoyed catching up and hearing all about what's going on with her and of course the old work place.

After lunch, we returned to Cissy's for a swim. Jack was a little timid at first, but eventually warmed up to the water. He walked around the shallow area forever tossing balls for me to fetch. I wish I could have gotten some pictures, but I was on lifeguard duty. Lifeguard duty and expensive camera do not mix. I did get this shot of him relaxing with his drink poolside. We sat in the shade and dried off for a while before heading inside to cool off. It wasn't long before Jack was ready for a nap and I was happy to rest on the couch until Cissy got home.

Cissy made the yummiest dinner with lots of fresh vegetables. Jack loved the corn (or "cone" as Jack says), nibbled at the green beans and began to show some interest in a hot dog, too. Of course, he made a huge mess too. I thought his nap would have rejuvenated him, but by 8:45 he was pretty much asking to go to bed and even elected to skip his bath...which never happens! He loves bathtime!

On Thursday morning, we caught up with the Wiles family...which recently expanded to five. It was a pleasure to meet 3-month-old Gabby. Jack absolutely adored Hannah Grace & Austin and eagerly chased them around the house. He did not want to leave them or their fun toys behind! Our final stop was my old workplace, PTC. Things have changed quite a bit since I left just over two years ago. Of the 5 staff members I left behind only one is still in that area. One has retired, another quit and two others moved to different departments. It certainly makes going back feel really strange.

After our busy morning of visiting, Jack was exhausted. He quickly fell asleep. About 20 minutes into our journey home, he awoke. He was mostly pleasant the rest of the almost two hour drive. I would have loved nothing more than laying around and doing nothing today, but we were up and out of the house for a MOPS steering team meeting at the church. The meeting went pretty well and we got some things accomplished. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch with Erin, Gus & Mack at Blimpie. Jack especially enjoyed the part when Gus shared his cookie with him! Thanks, guys!

Things are pretty much back to normal except for the fact that Josh isn't here which is very abnormal!! I obviously know that I'm closer to Sunday than I have been all week, but it still seems so far away. We are eager for his return. We got to meet him at the airport around 5:45. I hope his flight is on time...or even early. Is that too much to ask?


Kim said...

You've almost made it! It's a good thing that you were able to keep yourself so busy this week.

the hill family said...

Loved hearing about your visits this past week! I think by now you and sweet Jack are happy campers w/ josh at home! yay!! I can't wait to hear about his trip. Seeing that first picture of Jack makes me want to squeeze and smooch his cheeks!