Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Carolina

While Josh is away Jack and I decided to come and catch up with some friends in South Carolina. After a fun morning at Monkey Joe's with several fun friends from MOPS, we hit the road. Our first stop was to see Sara & Noah. Sara and her husband Chandler lived two doors down from us in residency, and Chandler was co-chief with Josh. Chandler is also in Honduras this week. Their son, Noah, was born about 6 weeks before Jack. They have a lot of fun together and it's too bad they can't see each other more often. Jack & Noah had a blast playing ball together. Later we had dinner together at McAllister's. The boys had so much fun pushing their cars back and forth across the table.

After dinner we arrived at our home away from home...Cissy's! It wasn't long before Jack was chasing poor Baby Cat around the yard. He also soon found his way over to the play area with swings, slides and more. He had a great time. He played so hard that not long after his bath, he was exhausted.

This morning we headed over to see Gretchen, Tripp and new baby Shane. Gretchen & her husband Marty were also friends from residency. Tripp was born about 2 weeks after Noah and a month before Jack. They also just welcomed a new baby, Shane, on Saturday. It was a treat to see the new baby although I forgot to take a picture. Gretchen looked great, and we had a wonderful time catching up about all that's been happening.

We're looking forward to lunch with another friend and some swim time at Cissy's this afternoon. I'll post pictures when we return. I also got another email from Josh and their second day of seeing patients went really well. They haven't encountered any problems. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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the hill family said...

such cute pics. of your trip to south carolina! jack is growing so quickly...make him stop!