Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On again?

Well, sounds like as of now Josh's trip is on again. After the team leader consider changing the destination to Roatan, a touristy/resort-style island that seemed safer, he felt compelled to discuss the situation with the missionaries in the original destination again. They apparently traveled the road from San Pedro Sula (where Josh & the team flys in) to La Esperanza (the town they board in) without any incident and felt safe. Fortunately, the rioting and demonstration is not expected to reach and/or affect these more remote areas. So, for now, Josh's trip is on again. Please remember him as he prepares for this trip. I can only imagine it will be difficult to prepare mentally with the hectic schedule of the musical immediately preceding his departure. Also, remember Jack & I as we prepare to say goodbye to Josh for a whole week. We feel fortunate that Josh's profession is not one that requires much travel, so other than Monday nights in the ER, we enjoy spending simple evenings at home or occasionally with friends and will certainly miss him while he's gone.


The O'Dells said...

Wow, I will be thinking of you and Jack! It is so hard when Daddy is away! We are coming up to Noelle's Friday and Saturday - is it possible to see you??

Sarah said...

Will definitely be praying for Josh's safety and for you and Jack while he's gone. Keep us posted! If you need park time, let us know!

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that Josh's trip is still on, with a few changes. You all will be in our prayers during the next few hectic weeks.