Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking the Stage & Ch-ch-ch-changes

So, in my last post I hinted that Josh had started farming, become a preacher and would flee the country. Well, the first two will be on stage for all to see when "State Road 47" is performed on Thursday - Saturday at the theatre at Tallulah Falls School. It's an entertaining musical that retells three parables in a modern style. In the first, Josh plays a very convincing farmer. The first number in his scene, a song entitled "Corn" is seriously like "Waiting for Guffman" all over again.

In the second scene, Josh plays a preacher who passes the injured man on the side of the road. Complete with a back-up choir, his "Amen" number is one to get you clapping. Overall, it's a wonderfully entertaining show, and I'm hoping for a great turn out each night.

Now, about Josh fleeing the country...he's all set to jet off to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for a medical mission trip much like he did this time last summer. The team he travels with journeys to La Esperanza (a more remote town) and then treks daily to even more remote villages to treat patients (most of which travel hours to see them). Some of you may not have heard (because all the media continues to talk about is the death of Michael Jackson), but there is currently a coup in Honduras. Most of the strife was taking place in and around the capital city, which is not where Josh's team would be. Unfortunately, the ousted president tried to make a return to the country and asked his supporters to rally in protest. A teenager was killed, and the supporters have vowed to now spread their protesting even farther.

Josh's trip is now being reorganized. Although, we haven't had the chance to discuss many details (he was on the phone with a trip leader when I had to leave for bible study this evening and he's now working in the er), it sounds as though they are preparing an alternate destination. Unfortunately, the new trip is supposed to depart Saturday (rather than Sunday), and of course Josh is committed to perform in two shows Saturday and may be forced to miss his trip. Hearing about the many people Josh and his team were able to treat and minister to last year was phenomenal. It is hard to believe that an obstacle would be presented to make that impossible this year, but we trust that God has a plan to prosper and protect the team wherever they should travel.

The other major change we were presented with this week is that my sister has moved her wedding from December to August 15, yes...just about a month away! Thankfully, dresses had already come in and most everything was able to be changed, but it is a stressful and hectic time for her and my mom. My sister's fiance is being stationed in Cuba once he finishes his AIT, and they can't guarantee exactly when he'll be on furlough. On another note, if you know anyone who wants tickets to see Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park on August 15...let me know!


kriswalls said...

Wow, you guys are going to be busy for the next month. My mom and I had 10 months to get ready for my wedding and we were completely stressed. So we will be praying that everything goes smoothly for your mom and sister.

Kim said...

We can't wait to come see State Road 47. I'm not sure what night we're coming, but we wouldn't miss it!