Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 34th, Umple John!

This week my big brother turns 34! We were thrilled to be able to celebrate with the whole family on Saturday evening. We enjoyed a delicious meal at Carraba's in Athens. This is my best group shot and the birthday boy isn't even looking!! Oh, well!

Jack was pretty good for having only had a 25 minute nap. He has always loved croutons and after he had exhausted the slim supply from everyone's salads, we had the waitress bring him his own bowl. He must have been pretty tired because he laid down in his chair. Every couple of minutes we would all spot this little hand pop up from beneath the table to grab a crouton. His daddy couldn't resist and had a little bit of fun with him, moving his bowl around a couple of times. Everyone giggled quietly as his hand marched around the table looking for his bowl. Then, a lemon slice and calamari found its way into his bowl. Feeling something strange and wet in his bowl, his head finally popped up!

Jack found a burst of energy and relocated to his "Umple John's" lap just as a birthday dessert arrived. He again made his way toward that same lap when we headed back to my parent's house for a birthday cookie with candles.

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