Monday, July 19, 2010

Operation Heal Mema

Last Thursday we headed down to Athens to visit with Mema & Pop and help play nurse to Mema as she recovered from gall bladder surgery. While we waited for Mema & Pop to return home from the hospital we hit up a local park. The park's playground is aptly named "World of Wonder." Despite the heat, Jack had a ball exploring this new and different playground. His favorite was bouncing on the bridges. Somehow poor Sam managed to drift off to sleep in the extreme heat. He was a trooper for sure.

After the park we headed to my parent's house to help with Operation Heal Mema. Pop headed back to work for a few hours while we destroyed the house. I'm guessing Mema was still so groggy from the anesthesia that she didn't hear all the ruckus. Thank goodness, because after laying down for 20 minutes Jack said, "I done my nap." He doesn't do so great with napping/sleeping in unusual places. After a while I made dinner, and then dad got home. Soon my sister arrived with her dog, which thrilled Jack. He had a ball playing with him. He also easily convinced Pop to play some baseball in the front yard. We left Friday morning and headed toward Greenwood, South Carolina to catch up with some old friends. My sister stayed home with mom; so I guess we left her in good hands?! ;) No doubt quieter hands!

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