Tuesday, July 20, 2010

itty bitty

Last Friday the boys and I journeyed to an old stomping ground over in South Carolina. Neither of the boys ever really called it home, but Josh and I spent three memorable years there. Of course our fondest memories are of life-long friends we made during our time there. Two of the best being Chandler & Sara Todd. Chandler and Josh started residency in Greenwood at the same time, and he and his wife Sara lived two doors down from us on what we affectionately called Residents' Row (since 5 residency families occupied the street.) Sara often hosted our weekly ladies' bible study; I recall many nights of movies, games and poker; and they kindly hosted Josh for nearly two weeks when we sold our house and moved our things to Habersham (Josh still had several days of work left in Carolina). So, they are special friends indeed.

We were so excited to learn several months ago that the Todds were welcoming a second baby. Their first born and ours are separated by about six weeks. The last few weeks have been clouded with a bit of uncertainity and stress for our sweet friends as they learned their baby on the way had some growth restrictions. We were so relieved to learn of his safe (albiet small) arrival about 2 weeks ago. After a brief stay in the NICU, baby Caleb was cleared to come home last Wednesday. I was so excited that we would have the opportunity to meet the new baby on our trip last weekend. Jack & Noah enjoyed playing while I got to visit with the new mommy of two. The big boys were so silly pretending to nap in Noah's bed and then "wake up!" We are already looking forward to seeing our sweet friends again soon.

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